We work with a wide range of organisations in the public, not-for-profit and charity sectors to deliver sustainable business transformation. We are results-orientated, which means we measure and demonstrate what we do to ensure we provide a significant return on investment for our clients.

With an understanding of the pressures facing the public, not-for-profit and charity sectors, we engage fully with the specific needs of our clients. Working closely with them, we are able to capture their transformations and successes in case studies. These could be anything from an individual service review, to a complete company-wide transformation, where we chart what was found, detail what changed, explain what our clients found useful, capture the benefits they made and describe what next steps.

Our work also gives us the latest insights into the Lean, Business Transformation and Culture Change areas and as well as an in-depth specialist sector knowledge, which we can share with you here.

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Case Studies and Articles…

Self-Inflicted Targets

Managers must protect their staff from external targets and adopt a merciless measurement approach, focused on improvement not arbitrary achievement.

Kano Model Analysis

Dr Noriaki Kano developed Kano Model Analysis in the 1980s, as a tool for analysing and understanding customer satisfaction. It is used when designing new, or reviewing existing products and services to keep focus on customer expectation and satisfaction, rather than solely cost of delivery.

Murphy’s Law

Most of us are aware of the adage that ‘Anything that can go wrong, will’. It is attributed variously, but we mainly know of it as Murphy’s Law.

Housing association Lean

Family Mosaic: Improving The Purchase To Payment Process

Family Mosaic is one of the largest housing associations providing affordable housing to rent and buy across London, Essex and the South East. They currently manage around 24,000 homes for rent, as well as providing care and support services, with a customer base totalling around 45,000 people.

East Thames: Review of Voids Process

East Thames has now merged with London & Quadrant (L&Q), but at the time of the project were responsible for around 15,000 homes across East London and Essex. They had embarked on an ambitious transformation programme, called ‘Good to Great’, and engaged us to implement a Lean approach to the review of their key processes.

Ealing Council: Customer focussed repairs process

A full Lean Review of the Council’s responsive repairs service in housing helped support the management team to make the necessary changes to improve communication across the organisation, improve the service for customers and reduce failure demand into the customer contact centre.