Self-Inflicted Targets

Managers must protect their staff from external targets and adopt a merciless measurement approach, focused on improvement not arbitrary achievement.

Housing Sector Scorecard

This year sees the launch of a pilot scheme of an Affordable Housing Sector Scorecard aimed at improving efficiency across the sector. The year-long pilot will test an agreed set of indicators and identify possible improvements. The purpose is to provide a set of agreed metrics, to understand how providers are performing against other organisations in the sector and to ensure they continue to strive to provide value for money for customers.

Merciless Measurement in Policing

The demands on policing have changed significantly over the past 10 years. Overall crimes and incidents have decreased, whilst new crimes are emerging. Many of these crimes are associated with vulnerability, public protection and safeguarding and require more policing resources, being generally more complex to investigate. All this in a landscape of financial uncertainty and where police officer numbers continue to fall.

Housing association Lean

The Big Question in Housing

There can be little doubt that the UK housing sector finds itself in difficult times. You only have to tune into any news media to hear of homelessness, problems with paying the rent, the impossibility for some of ever being able to own their own home, and a general lack of supply, to know the extent of challenges in the sector.

Housing association Lean

Using Lean to Help Ensure Effective Housing Association Mergers

Why this revised article? This article is an update and revision of the merger article originally posted on the Ad Esse website in January 2016. Although more mergers have been announced since then, we have also seen some failures in mergers. This has meant that organisations have effectively put their change and transformation programmes on…

Housing association Lean

Using Lean to Ensure Effective Housing Association Mergers

Mergers are becoming more commonplace and are considered as strategically effective. But do they really work and deliver expected benefits? If done well, the simple answer is ‘yes’, but business research shows that getting it right isn’t easy, and anticipated benefits can fail to materialise or early gains can be swiftly lost. This article helps to understand how the application of Lean principles can provide a sound base for merger.

DLOs vs. Contractors

Most organisations considering a change to, or away from, a DLO are doing so for one of two reasons, either there are performance problems they want addressed or they want to improve value for money. This article outlines the pros and cons of the two approaches and makes a recommendation for anyone looking to improve the performance of their own maintenance and repairs services.

Process improvement

At a time of shrinking budgets, organisations are under increasing pressure to reduce costs whilst delivering continuous improvement, often with fewer staff.