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The Big Question in Housing

There can be little doubt that the UK housing sector finds itself in difficult times. You only have to tune into any news media to hear of homelessness, problems with paying the rent, the impossibility for some of ever being able to own their own home, and a general lack of supply, to know the extent of challenges in the sector.

Lean Tools

Lean Tools or techniques are used as part of a wider organisational culture and improvement change within an organisation. It involves staff completely in the change process rather than employing experts to come in and ‘do change’ to staff. It is inclusive, challenging and uses a wide set of analysis, improvement and implementation tools, which are simple to learn and use.

You can’t train it in!

This article is the second in a series of articles focusing on the role of Lean management training in helping you in your pursuit to become a Lean organisation. We will explore the place that formal training has and cautions against over reliance on classroom training in bringing about real change. The article draws on…

Value Stream Mapping

When implementing Lean, a tool frequently used is value stream mapping. The purpose of a value stream map is to look at the flow of a key process from start to finish.

Unlocking Sustainability

Most organisations we encounter are committed to service improvement and are happy to invest resource, effort, time and money into improving their processes. One of the biggest challenge facing them is how to successfully standardise these new and improved processes across the organisation. Without standardisation the organisation is left with unsustainable performance improvement and frustration.