Livability: Resources Review

This case study looks at how Livability used Lean Thinking to improve service levels across a whole department, which acted as a trail blazer for the rest of the organisation – improving services and saving £,000s.

Royal Voluntary Service: Developing a Performance Framework

Working on a pro-bono basis with the Royal Voluntary Service, we helped them develop a performance framework with measures to enable a good understanding of how the organisation is performing and to enable staff to take responsibility for performance on a local level. Each team received training on Information Centres and Lean Foundation.

Livability: Improving Fundraising Processes

Every charity, including Livability, relies on Fundraising income. Ad Esse worked with Livability to help them develop a way of using Lean to improve Fundraising processes, specifically the ‘Ask’ process and ‘Income processing’. This case study focusses on Income processing – getting donations banked and utilised as quickly as possible, and supporters thanked swiftly for their efforts and generosity.

Ad Esse & Charities: An overview

Since our inception we have worked with a variety of UK charities both in a paid capacity and through our corporate social responsibility pro bono work. We have developed an in-depth understanding of different types of charities and the challenges they face, including maximising fundraising opportunities, developing supporters, managing volunteers, delivering contracts for the public sector, motivating and engaging staff, to mention a few.

Merciless Measurement in Charities

The charity sector in the UK has demonstrated resilience through the economic downturn and some charities have emerged stronger and with a clearer focus on their mission, priorities and funding mechanisms. Nevertheless, just keeping going is not enough at a time when running costs are rising, government funding is being reduced and grants and donations are, in some areas, falling.

Kidney Research UK: CSR

Kidney Research UK is the largest UK charity dedicated to funding research into kidney disease. Kidney disease affects appropriately 3 million people in the UK. The charity’s stated mission is: ‘To improve the quality of life of those with kidney disorders and to increase public awareness of kidney health.’

Kidney Research UK: Managing the supporter experience

Improving the way payments were to be processed meant roles and responsibilities for certain teams within the organisation needed to be rethought. The improvements would mean that processing would become a front-end process and completed as close to the source as possible. As a result payments will be processed whilst supporters are on the telephone, or as soon after receiving a cheque as possible – without the need for a hand-off. It was recommended a team be developed to deliver the processing function – dealing with all of this payment related incoming demand at the source it is received.